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O. Oral History Collection

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Identifier: O

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353rd Fighter Group's 1983 Reunion: Interview and Memoir

 Collection — Tapes et al
Identifier: O-T413
Scope and Contents The narrators, members of the United States Army Air Force's 353rd Fighter Group (largely from the 350th, 351st, 352nd Fighter Squadrons) discuss their WWII wartime experiences: operations and bases in England, missions, day-to-day life, personalities, celebrations, waiting on the flight line at the air base, and the end of the war. Also included is an account of Clara Seignemartin's wartime experiences as an army nurse. 5 tapes, 380 mins., 2 vols., 120 pp., plus index Interview by...
Dates: 1983

Aarup, John C. (1903-1998):  Interview and memoir

 Collection — Tape et al
Identifier: O-AA76
Scope and Contents

LINCOLN MEMORIAL GARDENS PROJECT Aarup, long-time resident of Springfield, recalls his work at Lincoln Garden between 1950 and 1971. He discusses his work on the park's rock garden, bridges, and benches. He also discusses his work with the Girl Scouts, damage caused by vandals, co-workers Mrs. Knudson and Mrs. Gaule, and his hopes for future changes in the garden.

1 tape, 60 min., 14 pp. Interview by Sara Wells, 1985 OPEN

Dates: Other: Dummy Date

Adams, J. Fred b. 1904: Interview and memoir

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: O-AD18
Scope and Contents

SPRINGFIELD ROTARY CLUB PROJECT Adams, Rotary Club member since 1959, discusses Rotary Club members, induction ceremonies, and club meetings at the St. Nicholas Hotel and Elks Club, as well as group activities and field trips.

1 tape, 90 min., 10 pp. Interview by Ron Krouse, 1988 OPEN See collateral file

Dates: Other: Dummy Date

Adorjan, Richard L.: Interview and memoir

Identifier: O-AD77
Scope and Contents Alumni SAGE Society Legacy Oral History Project Adorjan, Director of Public Affairs for the Illinois Department of Transportation for 34 years discusses his decision to complete a Management degree in 1988 at Sangamon State University. He describes prior work experience as a photojournalist for United Press International and identifies Chris Vlahoplus (former SSU Director of University Relations) as one person who inspired him to attend the newly created local college in Springfield. See...
Dates: Other: Dummy Date

Ahlberg, Merle (1917-1995): Interview and memoir

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: O-AH47
Scope and Contents ILLINOIS COAL: THE LEGACY OF AN INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY Ahlberg, a resident of Taylorville, Illinois during the mine wars of the early 1930's, recalls his family's experiences with the PMA and UMW, working conditions in the mines, mining techniques, and his training of women miners in the 1970's. He also discusses strikes, the differences between the union today and in the 30's, and John L. Lewis.1 tape, 90 min., 11 pp. Interview by Kevin Corley, 1986 OPEN See collateral file:...
Dates: Other: Dummy Date

Aikman, Herbert (Bert) (1878-1977): Interview and memoir

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: O-AI47
Scope and Contents Aikman discusses his experiences in Macoupin and Montgomery Counties, Illinois; childhood and farm life, one room school education, homemade foods and remedies, his family's log cabin in Hornsby, children's games, hunting, family recreation, and Christmas celebrations. He recalls his first automobile and early transportation, building the Illinois Central Railroad, paving Route 66 and local roads, and electric trolleys. He also recalls businesses in Raymond, Illinois, traveling entertainers...
Dates: Other: Dummy Date

Albright, Carl H. (1921-2014): Interview and Memoir

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: O-AL15
Scope and Contents

Albright, retired Air Force Lt. Col., discusses his career in the Air Force, aviation cadet training, European assignments and missions during WWII; return to U.S., discharge, and return to college; reenlistment, and assignment as a nuclear chemist; and retirement. He also discusses growing up during the Depression in Springfield and attending Feitshans High School.

5 tapes, 450 mins., 91 pp. Interview by Geraldine C. Albright, 1980 OPEN See collateral file

Dates: Other: Dummy Date

Alepra, Magedline (1913-2003): Interview

 Collection — Tapes
Identifier: O-AL25*
Scope and Contents

Alepra discusses life during prohibition: gangsters and bootlegging, the Depression, pets, home life, and school; WWII; and coal mine wars in Benld and Gillespie, Illinois.

4 tapes, 330 mins. Interview by Michael E. Alepra, 1991 OPEN See collateral file

Dates: Other: Dummy Date

Alexander, John b. 1942: Interview and memoir

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: O-AL27
Scope and Contents Alexander served as a delegate to Illinois's 1970 Constitutional Convention representing the 52nd district. He discusses his work as a delegate and his feelings regarding public support for the convention. He also recalls the opening of the convention, the election of officers, and convention politics. He describes his duties, committees, chairmanships, Chicago and downstate partisan politics, lobbyists, and public hearings. He mentions Gov. Ogilvie and Paul Simon. 2 tapes, 180...
Dates: Other: Dummy Date

Allan, Harper Charles b. 1915: Memoir

 Collection — Folder
Identifier: O-AL50
Scope and Contents

Allan discusses his experiences life experiences - growing up in St. Louis in a low-income area, attending Kemper Military Academy and later St. Louis University. He was a pilot during WWII, being awarded the Medal of Honor twice. He married Judy (Julia Todd) Keys of Springfield, IL and later assumed the presidency of Keyes Insurance Company in Springfield.

73 pp. Interview by Eugenia Eberle, 2005 Donated by Eugenia Eberle, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dates: Other: Date acquired: 03/01/2010